Case Study

Knowledge Management System [SAIL]

Knowledge management system with its database consisting of details of equipment capability, test methods, references and expertise of individuals is introduced in RDCIS laboratories through existing wide spread LAN on windows NT platform. Being an R & D organization, both codification and personalization strategies were adopted carefully to reuse and share the knowledge efficiently. This involves capturing of inherent knowledge and storing it in a web based hyperlinked information system so that it can be retrieved whenever and wherever needed. a two layer KM platform, based on distributed interNet Application of Microsoft has been designed and implemented successfully for this purpose. Significant improvement has been noticed in effective utilization of equipment potential through systematic approach of knowledge sharing beside continuous enrichment of data bank.

The main purpose of KMS in RDCIS was to codify, store and disseminate information about laboratory equipment facilities and support sharing of knowledge resources in respective fields which have been built through years of R & D experience. Both codification and Personalization strategies were adopted in designing the basic structure of KMS. In codification strategy the knowledge or information is codified using standard document preparation software and stored in databases, where it can be accessed and used easily by anyone in the organization, whereas in personalization strategy, the knowledge is closely tied to the person who developed it and is shared mainly through direct person- to person contacts. Merits and demerits of these strategies were carefully examined before design8ing the KMS model and has been accomplished through a sequence of activities which encompasses:

  • Identification/selection of laboratory equipment
  • Building of knowledge database in respective areas.
  • Procedure for data capture and packaging.
  • selection of methodology for sharing and transfer of data
  • Building of KM platform and services.
  • Measurement of success and failure of KMS.











Wedding Directory

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Ammunition Management Package

Ammunition Management Package (AMP) is customized software which is based upon the requirement of a unit of Indian Army. Success in combat depends on many things-one of the most important of these is the ability of soldiers to reach and maintain acceptable levels of weapons proficiency. Before this can happen, there must be enough ammunition for training. Today however it is becoming harder and harder for many army leaders to meet training ammunition requirements. The objectives of this unit are as follows:-

  • The aim is to make available all kinds of stores to all units of the army .
  • The logistics function of the army ordnance corps involves the mechanics of provisioning and procuring of all stores required to raise and maintain an efficient and effective fighting army.
  • The inventory range covers each and every requirements of the soldier regarding weapons.
  • It identify procedures used in forecasting training requirements, authorization Reports.

Business Directory

A Business directory is a website or print media listing of information which details many businesses, usually listed in categorization, the business owner will add their business listing to the most relevant category, helping the user find information relating to a business more efficiently.

Details of a business may include the business name, addresses, telephone numbers, location, type of service or products the business provides, number of employees, the service region and any Professional association.

Many business directories offer complimentary listings in addition to the premium options.

There are many business directories and some of these have moved over to the internet and away from printed format. Whilst not being search engines, business directories often have a search facility.

Stay Ahead Of the Competition

As the Internet Business Directory gains wider popularity, more and more viable uses for the new software emerge. Initially, these directories were envisioned as replacement for local business listings – and, by and large, they remain the most common use of Internet business directory software today. But as time goes on, new ways to use them come to light.

Local city and area guides still make up the bulk of the Internet business directory world, so these are perhaps the most developed. They contain listings of local businesses, art galleries, movie theaters, concern venues, realtors, and other areas of interest. Because these are so common, they’re visible on advertisers’ rather and get the most users – and the most ad revenue. Have you noticed how you don’t really get the yellow pages delivered much anymore? That’s because a far more cost-effective and accessible form has emerged – the Internet business directory has mostly replaced the print yellow pages. Not only it is easier to access for customers, but that ease of access means it’s far more attractive to advertisers.

An Internet Business Directory can also be used to list professionals, craftsmen, doctors, dentists, acupuncturists. This makes it easier on all fronts, for all users. Customers can easily find a doctor or a dentist or a plumber, said professionals get more exposure and more business, and whoever owns the Internet Business Directory will get more advertisement revenue.

Internet Business Directory software can also be utilized by business owners who already have a website but who also want to add a membership feature. Members can sign up, pay dues, post comments in message boards – essentially, you can help build a community.